Video News Report: Flow academy of motion

Flow founder, Dion Doutre. Photo: Richard Doran
Flow founder, Dion Doutre. Photo: Richard Doran

Flow Academy of Motion is the first and only multidisciplinary modern flow school in New Zealand.

Based in East Auckland’s Highland Park, Flow is a facility for those wanting to train and practice parkour, free running, break dancing, martial arts tricking, tumbling, circus acro and aerial.

The purpose-built studio opened in February this year and now sees more than 380 students through its doors each week. Ages range from 1-year-olds right up to adults.

With a foam-topped sprung floor, trampoline, foam pit, ninja warrior wall and suspension equipment for circus aerial work, there’s more than enough to keep you entertained and the blood flowing.

For more information about Flow, visit their website or their official Facebook page.

Samantha-Jane Harding reports for Newsbeat:

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