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Nesian star on life, music and the right beat (+video)

“I’ve been pretending to make an album,” says Donald McNulty when asked what he’s done musically since Nesian Mystik finished full-time producing and touring.

He says with a laugh and smile: “It’s been about four years and I still haven’t recorded one song.”

McNulty says that he’s been searching for a particular sound and the right beat, acknowledging that he has perhaps been too “fussy”.

McNulty has now, for the first time in over ten years, a day job which, as he puts it, “a muso in New Zealand, it is good to have some regular money”.

Despite the pressures of a full-time job, McNulty and the Nesian boys still tour on and off to Australia and around New Zealand.

He looks back fondly on the days he and his fellow Western Springs High School friends formed the group to enter a talent quest, which would later become known as Nesian Mystik.

“We entered with six singers, two guitarists and no harmonies, it was really bad,” he says.

He also finds it funny that the group’s original name was “Tropical Penguins”.

McNulty is as quick-witted and cheeky as ever – attributes that made him a favourite with fans around the world.

Watch: Interview with Nesian Mystik’s Donald McNulty

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