Scam warning: $1 iPhones

The new iPhone 6S. Photo: Supplied.
The new iPhone 6S. Photo: Supplied.

Online scammers are targeting New Zealanders to buy the new iPhone 6s for “only $1”.

As good as it sounds, the whole deal is a scam.

The adverts and posts are flooding Facebook and can also be found when surfing the internet.

These are the adverts and posts you might come across:

Another post but same scam.
Another post, but same scam.
Posts on Facebook which you could come across.
Posts on Facebook which you could come across.


The adverts are linked to an article which explains how to get a “$1 iPhone”. The article looks realistic and authentic with the use of trusted news imaging, including CNN, One News and Stuff, to lure people in. The imaging is completely fake and not connected to these sources.

The main way to tell if the site is fake is to look at the URL in your browser, usually this is slightly different from the original sources.

Fake article targeting New Zealanders.

This scam is not only targeting New Zealanders. The same campaign is running in many other countries around the world.

Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 9.48.38 pm
Another scam article targeting the US.

After clicking on the link provided in these articles, you’re taken to a page to register and pay.

Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 9.28.21 pm

If you’ve been tricked by the scammers, contact your bank immediately to cancel your cards.

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