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Michael J. Fox gets his ‘Back to the Future’ shoes

Nike has brought us back to the future – with a pair of self-lacing shoes.

Michael J. Fox, who played Marty McFly in the Back to the Future trilogy, received a note and a pair of the shoes from Nike on October 21, the same date that Marty and Doc went back to the future in the film.

The idea for the shoes appeared in the second Back to the Future film, alongside Hoverboards, Flatscreen TVs and drones.

The first prototype of the shoes was released in 2011, replicating the design of the ones in the film, but without the self-lacing technology.

The famous kicks are yet to be released to the public, but we should expect to see them sometime next year.

Nike has said they will create more pairs of the shoes to help aid the Michael J Fox Foundation, which raises money for Parkinson’s Disease research.

Check out Michael J. Fox trying out the Nike self-lacing shoes below:


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