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Labour Weekend toll stats

After two years of low death counts, this year’s Labour Weekend road toll has jumped to five, up from three last year.

The official holiday period for Labour Day Weekend 2015 began at 4 pm Friday, 23rd October and ended at 4 pm Tuesday 27th October.

This year there were five fatal crashes, resulting in five deaths. These included one driver, two motorcycle riders and two pedestrians.

In 2014, there were three fatal crashes and 78 reported injury crashes. These accidents resulted in three deaths, 21 serious injuries and 81 minor injuries. The three deaths were a driver, passenger and a pedestrian.

About 60 percent of the injuries occurred on the open road in 2014. About half (49 percent) of crashes were single vehicle crashes in which a driver lost control or ran off the road, 11 percent were intersection collisions and 10 percent were head-on collisions.

The most commonly cited contributing factors for crashes over Labour weekend were losing control (48 percent), travelling too fast for conditions (35 percent), alcohol (20 percent), inattention (20 percent) and failed to give way or stop (15 percent).

The toll in 2013 was at the lowest since the records were first available, with only one death on New Zealand roads.

The highest recorded number killed is 16, which was recorded in 1978.

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