Unique star baffles scientists

The theory of a Dyson Sphere. Photo: astraldouble.com
The theory of a Dyson Sphere. Photo: astraldouble.com

Alien enthusiasts are confused and excited by the sighting of what could be a new discovery, or something else entirely.

NASA telescope Kepler was launched to discover new planets that orbit stars in our area of the Milky way. It was originally destined for a planned mission of three and a half years but has so far been exploring space for more than six. In this time, Kepler has discovered more than one thousand new planets.

Kepler has found out that the star┬áKIC 8462852 is really hot. It also discovered that the star flickers like something is obscuring it, in a way that normal stars don’t.

But Kepler’s newest discovery has scientists confused. The way the star’s light dips aren’t consistent with dust clouds or a comet obstruction. It leaves the idea that it is due to some alien megastructure.

The theory is that star KIC 8462852 could be a Dyson Sphere. The idea is that advanced alien civilisation would need to use more and more energy. They would then harness the power from a neighbouring star by building orbiting solar panels around it which would then start to cover up the star and cause flickers and dims in the light it emits.

Kepler had been checking out more than 150,000 stars, and this one is the only one that behaves the way it does. Scientists aren’t sure about the Dyson Sphere theory for now but also aren’t ruling anything out, and they just need some more information. In the meantime, they’re going to keep an eye on the star.

But if it is aliens they are long gone, but maybe we could use the same ideas one day.

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