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‘The Walking Dead’ leaves fans hanging

The fate of Walking Dead character Glen Rhee has been left unanswered and fans are not happy.

At the end of last week’s episode, Glenn is seen falling under he weight of cohort Nicholas as they try to evade the “walkers” with what appears to be the remains of someone being torn apart, with the insinuation being that Glenn met his untimely death.

However, as the week progressed, fans speculated as to whether Glenn had died and hung on for all hope to an answer in this week’s special 90-minute episode.

The shows creators had other plans, with a surprise side story the focus of the special.

Fans and media outlets were not happy and let out their frustrations on social media:






The ninety minute special, rather than answering the cliffhanger from last week, instead focussed on the side story of Morgan Jones and his developing friendship with aikido-stick-wielding pacifist Eastman.

With one more week to wait fans are eager to find out exactly what happened to Glenn with rumours rife after his name was removed from the opening credits.

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