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Richie McCaw Joins Facebook

After years of avoiding the social media trend for public figures, Richie McCaw has finally joined Facebook.

Fans can thank fellow All Black Daniel Carter for convincing the All Black skipper to join social media, where his fandom is increasing by the day.

In a sly, if not cryptic message, Carter posted a picture of McCaw with the caption: “Guess what I’ve talked skip into doing? All I can say is ‘about time mate’.”

Dan Carter Post

At first this raised speculation that McCaw may have been talked into delaying his expected retirement but hours later was confirmed with an official, blue tick of approval Facebook page set up in his name.

McCaw has previously said that he avoided social media, believing his status as an All Black does not grant the public access or insight into his private life.

He wrote in his 2012 autobiography The Real McCaw: “I don’t want to share my every thought with everyone – I’d as soon eat my own entrails as tweet – and I don’t think there’s a public right to know everything about me, just because I’m an All Black.”

In his first official post, a photo gathered around the Webb Ellis Cup, McCaw says he has loved the last six week and can’t wait to get home and celebrate with everyone who has supported the team, even adding a couple hashtags in there too.

Richie First Post

We can only assume that basking in the glow of the win of a second Rugby World Cup just days before has softened his opinion and allowed McCaw to receive the love his country so graciously bestows upon him.

McCaw’s social media fan base grows every day and is predicted to reach a million within a week. If so, he joins a small New Zealand elite of stars who boast large social media followings. Among them, teen comedienne Jaime Curry and pop star Lorde, whose pages sit at over 10 million and 6 Million, respectively.

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