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November is National Diabetes Month

November is officially Diabetes Action Month.

Diabetes is the fastest and largest growing health issue facing New Zealanders.

Diabetes New Zealand want the nation to know the risks when it comes to diabetes. They want to educate kiwis about ways they can get active and eat healthier to create a better lifestyle for themselves.

Nearly a quarter of a million Kiwis have diabetes, and at least 50 more are diagnosed every day. If the condition is not managed properly, it can cause serious health issues.

Having diabetes does not mean that your life is over. It just means you need to be careful about some of the decisions you make.

Shortland Street actor Cameron Jones can attest to this. Better known as Dallas Adams, the ambulance driver was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes when he was 16.

“Originally I thought it was going to be something that held me back and impact on my life in a huge way. I’ve learnt with careful management and leading a healthy lifestyle; diabetes does not control your life,” says Cameron.

Surfing and adrenalin sports are among his passions, and he wants others to know that having diabetes does not have to be a life sentence.

Cameron adds, “I want to make others aware that there are lots of people who come from all walks of life that go through this.”

Type 1 diabetes is not preventable. However, Type 2 diabetes, is. Eating a well-balanced diet is important. Lots of fruit and vegetables and fewer takeaways and processed food. Exercise or being active is also a critical part of avoiding Type 2 diabetes. It is crucial to keep this balance to live a longer, healthier and productive life.

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