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Theatre Review: Le Noir – The Dark Side Of Cirque

Cirque du Soleil has a large bank of talented and amazing acts, and their offside show Le Noir – The Dark Side Of Cirque is no exception.

Twenty spellbinding acts included the daring duo aerial cradle called Chilli and Fly, and the Colombian Wheel of Death.

The show began with the curious and funny ringmaster. His interaction with the crowd gave us the chance to laugh and get comfortable with what was yet to come. A somewhat bad French accent was surpassed due to his cool demeanor.

The ringmaster introduced the gorgeous and stunning cast – talents of which would no doubt have the entire audience in awe and wanting more.

Le Noir, the stunning cast themed in white.
Le Noir, the stunning cast themed in white.

Ringside seating was a nice touch to the intimate performance. It created a secluded atmosphere and an up-close and personal view of the beauty that was in front of us.

The first half lacked the intensity and excitement of the second half. Not that the first half was dull. Far from it, actually. The former had you mesmerised and eager to see what the next half would bring.

Cast members were close, as they should be, considering some of the acts which followed. It boiled down to trust and the willingness to let go and believe in your partner. Whether the person was going to catch you after you somersaulted through the air without a harness, or make sure the right parts of your body were linked together to create a barrier so you wouldn’t fall 20 meters to the ground.

The ringmaster interacted with the crowd gracefully and provided the comedic aspect of the show that settled audience nerves from seeing death-defying acts.

Some of the acts were seductive; others had you sitting on the edge of your seats, hoping that the cast would not hurt themselves.

My expectations for this show were exceeded. My favourite act was not one of the death-defying tricks but one of dance, soft music and affection. The female counterpart was spun around the male body, but this was done in such an elegant way it seemed almost perfect.

Music that accompanied the show was outstanding, it was unique to each act and gave the performance that special touch.

The show was not marketed to families, but children were seen throughout the season.

Le Noir – The Dark Side of Cirque was incredible from beginning to end. However, saying that, I would say that not all of the performances were as exciting as others. Overall a great show, if you were lucky enough to see it. Phenomenal.

Romana Trego
Romana is ambitious, driven and an aspiring journalist. Her passion is music and people and one day she hopes to interview the thousands of talented artists in this world and get the chance to tell their stories.
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