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‘Rowdy’ Ronda ravaged by humble Holly

‘Rowdy’ Ronda Rousey has been defeated in a one-sided battle with fellow American Holly Holm.

The event was billed as an almost walk over for the twenty-eight-year-old Rousey, with bookmakers setting her as a firm favourite.

In the lead-up, the challenger, Holm, was promoted as a sweet-natured daughter of a minister. But come the weigh-in time, the intensity of the event increased immediately, with Rousey calling out Holm insisting that she could “see through” the act.

Rousey said: “That fake sweet act, I can see right through it. All that respect, all that everything, you being sweet, I see right now that it is fake, and you’re gonna get it on Sunday.”

From that moment at the weigh in, Rousey never seemed her calm and in control self. This time, it was Rousey doing the chasing, and Holm maintained absolute calm from start to finish.

At the beginning of the fight, Holm gestured to touch gloves with Rousey refusing to acknowledge the sentiment.

Right from the opening bell, the fight was a matter of Rousey running after Holm and trying to match stand up with the established Boxing and Kickboxing champion.

As Rousey continued to move forward, Holm picked off Rousey with a series of jabs that hit its mark every single time, all the while Rousey would swing wildly.

The strategy of the champ seemingly was to attack Holm at her game, but the polished and experienced boxer was easily able to continue to pick of Rousey at every approach. Rousey approached with no angles at any time, always attacking Holm from directly front on, playing straight into the hands of Holm.

The one effective takedown seemed very sloppy and non-Rousey-like as Holm was easily able to muscle her way out of the predicament and any other clinch scenario as Rousey looked gassed and worn by the three-minute mark of the first round.

In the corner, Rousey was encouraged to continue with an offense as Holm remained calm and in control for the entirety of the fight.

The second round spelled the end for Rousey. After continuing to move forward, she missed an offensive approach before being pushed away. And for the first time Rousey openly exposed her back allowing Holm the opportunity to deliver a left foot head kick, knocking the Rousey down before Holm finished the fight on the ground with repeat hammer fists.

Referee Herb Dean called an the end to the contest as Melbournes Etihad Stadium went berserk.

Post fight, Holly Holm appeared gracious, as UFC president Dana White presented her with her title belt, thanking her team and supporters.

Ronda Rousey was transported immediately after the fight to a local hospital with a reported broken jaw.

Dana White has already confirmed there will be a re-match.

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