John Legend Duets with ACTUAL Stars (+video)

The holiday single was written by Legend exclusively for the Stella Artois 'Give Beautifully' holiday campaign. Photo:

John Legend is known to duet with a celebrity or two, but now he’s singing with REAL stars!

Legend has teamed up with the sounds of the vibrations from stars in the sky for a new holiday song, Under the Stars, which features the unique sonic frequencies of four stars in the universe.

“I didn’t really realise we could do this, but scientists have been recording the vibrations of stars. We were able to incorporate the recordings into the song,” Legend said.

The ethereal pulses, rings and beeps of the stars open the track and then seamlessly give way to Legend’s twinkling piano; they also dance about during the song’s chorus and outro.

Legend says working with star recordings isn’t that different from working with instruments.

“We do the same thing when it comes to drum or keyboard sounds. Either way, you try to create a beautiful record and incorporate those sounds. I’d consider using stars again in the future,” says the singer.

The holiday single was written by Legend exclusively for the Stella Artois ‘Give Beautifully’ holiday campaign. The duet pays homage to the brand’s name, Stella, which directly translates to “star” in Latin.

“I wanted to write a song that was all about uniting people all around the world together under the stars,” says Legend. “The whole idea, of course, is to ‘give beautifully’ and this was our gift to America.”

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