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Ed Sheeran Spends Over $4K on Toys For HIMSELF

Ed Sheeran has gone on a shopping spree – casually spending over $4,000 in UK toy shop, Toys R US.

The millionaire acoustic pop sensation says he went on the spending spree as he wanted to buy all the toys his parents wouldn’t let him have as a kid.

Big kid Ed, explained: “As any kid that has good parents will know, when you grow up you’re not allowed things. I went into Toys R Us and just spent two grand on everything I wanted when I was younger.”

The 24-year-old singer, who recently announced he was taking a break from the spotlight, treated himself to a plastic gun, roller skates and a pirate ship over the Christmas period, along with other cool presents – tallying approximately to $4,400 NZD.

“I was like, ‘I was never allowed that pirate ship so I’m having that, wasn’t allowed a Nerf gun so I’m having that, I wasn’t allowed a scooter so I’m having that.’

“I bought roller skates, a yo-yo, those wheelie shoes… I haven’t used half of them but it was just that moment that I’m allowed to now. I bought everything.”

Amazingly the nostalgic splurge didn’t end there. The flame-haired hunk went home and shopped online buying playthings he owned as a child.

He said: “All the stuff I bought in the shop is in my house. But then I went on eBay and spent a day looking for the same dolls I had when I was younger and bought all of them as well.”

Even though the toys are currently gathering dust in a cupboard in his house, Sheeran is adamant it was worth it because he’s stashing them away for his future children.

Sheeran added: “So I have this cupboard in my house with everything from my childhood. I know my kids are going to play with them and have fun.”

Emily Patrick
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