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iPhone 7 Uncovered (+Video)

The iPhone 7 will reportedly be available to buy in September and could come with huge changes.

It’s been rumoured the iPhone 7 will not include a standard headphone jack and will instead need headphones to connect via the Lightning connector or wirelessly over Bluetooth.

Losing the headphone jack would allow Apple to make the iPhone 7 thinner than any other model, as well as freeing up space inside the handset for a larger battery. However, despite potential pros, it still remains extremely controversial and is a massive gamble for Apple.

Since the launch of the iPhone 6S, sales of Apple’s flagship models have fallen for the first time. Reports say Apple has requested a 30 percent cut in iPhone production during January to March. If losing the headphone jack on the iPhone 7 alienates enough users, the move could backfire in spectacular style.

An online petition claims that “Apple is about to rip off every one of its customers. Again” and criticises the company for “forcing” iPhone users to spend extra money on a new set of headphones, including past Apple products which have made things like chargers among other accessories obsolete.

The public is hoping to see a completely new design for the iPhone 7, as the iPhone 6s looks practically identical to the 6.

Experts have said it’s likely that the new iPhone will be available in previously used colours; Silver, Gold, Space Grey and Rose Gold. There are also talks Apple will be creating a 256GB model.

An Apple patent was published earlier in 2015 which suggested that the iPhone 7 could be waterproof. Instead of adding armour to the outside of the iPhone to protect it from water, the method would coat electronic components inside the iPhone in a protective material that would prevent them from getting damaged should water find its way in.

There have also been reports that the iPhone could dry itself by pumping liquid out of the device via its speaker grills. Though not many are holding their breath that this will be featured in the iPhone 7 – but possibly the 8 or 9.

Recent reports also suggest that it could be the end of the traditional SIM card, with a possible introduction of a simpler option, the e-SIM, which is a virtual embedded equivalent.

The idea is that with an e-SIM, you’ll be able to make a call and switch operators without having to insert a specific SIM card and this idea translates to roaming too.

Rumours have previously said the iPhone 7 could feature a 3D display – without the need for 3D glasses, but now it’s been said that this technology is “one of the most severe production bottlenecks in iPhone 6s supply chain” according to an analyst, and any new versions will come after the iPhone 7.

Sources say Apple has not yet finalised the design of the iPhone 7 handset and they are currently testing three different handset designs. These include a completely new, thinner look as well as a backup design that looks substantially like the iPhone 6s.

There’s also speculation about a design feature from Apple that’s described as “sidewall displays,” said to be similar to the display found on the Galaxy Edge.

While pictures of the possible new iPhone 7 have unleashed a frenzy of speculation among Apple fans online, many publications are not terribly interested in the alleged leak.

Tech website, 9to5 Mac said: “The photos don’t really tell us anything useful unless the position of ribbon cables is of deep personal interest to you.”

Experts say we can expect to see a growing number of photos and leaks throughout the year in the build-up to the iPhone 7’s reveal.

Watch: The iPhone 7 – alleged leak

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