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Whittaker’s hatches something eggstraordinary for Easter

Whittaker’s chocolate lovers asked, and Whittaker’s answered with the launch of their first ever Easter product.

Rather than sticking with the traditional bunny or eggs, the Porirua-based company has opted to go for a national icon.

The Easter treat is available in two different flavours and sizes: the five roll refined creamy milk and the 50 percent dark chocolate, in either 75 or 150 grams. The flavours are distinguished by the printed egg – blue for creamy milk and red for dark chocolate.

Fans of the confectionery can’t wait to taste the new product, judging by the positive comments posted on Whittaker’s Facebook page.

“Omg I literally have been asking for years,” wrote Ashleigh Hickey.

“A chocolate lover’s prayer has been answered,” wrote Chris Kremer.

It may have helped that Cadbury changed its Creme Egg recipe recently, leaving Kiwis looking for an alternative.

While the Whittaker’s chocolate kiwi isn’t quite a Creme Egg substitute, it’s a tribute to the country’s national icon.

Jasmine Currie, Brand Manager said: “We are delighted to hatch our very own Easter Kiwi. It has been years in the making and is our first hollow product, carefully molded into the shape of a kiwi, and is also our first product to be wrapped in printed gold foil packaging.

“We’ve been planning the design and manufacture of the Kiwi for almost a decade. Like all of our products, the Kiwi is locally produced in our Wellington factory so we can ensure quality through our signature bean to bar process. As this is our first year of producing the Kiwi, we’re testing the waters with a limited number available this year,” said Currie.

The company has teamed up with a charity called Kiwis for kiwi, which will receive 20 cents for each chocolate kiwi sold.

Kiwis for kiwi is an independent charity working to protect kiwi and their natural habitat. It works alongside kiwi experts to increase the species’ numbers and distributes funds to an assortment of community-led conservation projects.

Currie says the charity was a “natural fit” to team up with the chocolate company.

“We are pleased to support a charity working to conserve and protect our national icon.

“As a proud New Zealand company, working with Kiwis for kiwi felt like a natural fit for Whittaker’s. We are pleased to support a charity working to conserve and protect our national icon,” said Jasmine.

A limited number of the chocolate kiwi will be released, so Whittaker lovers will need to get in fast, as the company is reportedly “testing the waters” in its first year of producing the Kiwi.

Whittaker’s Kiwi is on its way to stores nationwide and it will be on shelves soon.

Emily Patrick
Emily is originally from Essex in the UK but has been in New Zealand for the past seven years. Lucky for some, she has definitely shaken off any resemblance of a good old Essex girl – her white stilettos were ditched years ago! She is currently studying at The New Zealand Radio Training School in Auckland.
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