Back to School for radio graduate

Graduate of the New Zealand Radio Training School, Gerard Edwards, has returned to broadcast his morning show live to London.
New Zealand Radio Training School graduate, Gerard Edwards, has returned to broadcast his morning show live to London. Photo: Kim Adamson

The New Zealand Radio Training School in Auckland is thrilled to have Gerard Edwards back in their studio.

Former student Edwards graduated from NZRTS in 2010 and is now a morning show host on London’s newest radio station, Sino. The station is a Chinese-owned, digital station can be listened to world wide.

The show consists of three hours of family-friendly fun, with the latest and greatest information that every Londoner needs to hear on a morning.

New Zealand is thirteen hours ahead of London but that won’t stop Edwards connecting with his co-host, Miri. Edwards will be broadcasting live from NZRTS station, Kool FM, thanks to tutor Kim Adamson’s technical skills.

The radio host had requested a month off work to come to New Zealand to attend some weddings and to visit family and his dog. But, his wish wasn’t granted. Edwards decided to turn this predicament into an opportunity and make it a “gimmick” in radio terms, broadcasting live from New Zealand to London.

The idea posed a lot of challenges like costs and the type of equipment but he knew it was always possible and listeners might embrace it. “Consistent listeners will go on the experience with you,” he says.

Until Edwards returns to London next week, the segment ‘Where the hacker is Gerry?’ would be added to his and Miri’s show. Edwards jokes that he could have named it ‘Where the Whakapapa is Gerry’.

Edwards enjoyed his time at NZRTS, and thinks the quality of the course has helped him secure jobs in the broadcasting industry. The ex-student, who graduated top of his class, thanks the tutors for his success and is impressed with how the school has progressed.

“I have worked in a couple of countries now that have good radio and I’d say that the quality that comes out of this course is second to none, right around the world,” he says.

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