Theatre Review: BRIEFS – The Second Coming

BRIEFS -The Second Coming - Auckland Show

When you decide to see an all-out drag show that combines drag, burlesque and circus, you better be damn sure you have an open mind.

Australian drag and circus sensation BRIEFS -The Second Coming, were finally able to land their bare behinds in our beautiful country. Shivannah, the host of Samoan descent, was born in Auckland but moved to Australia when he was a child. Shivannah and Dallas Dellaforce created the show seven years ago, and it has become what it has today.

As he so eloquently put it: “We’ve been waiting 12 f*****g years to be allowed to perform here.” They were here as part of Auckland Pride Festival, which is a cultural celebration for the Rainbow Community (Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Takatāpui, Intersex, Queer) and their friends and families.

The ‘F’ word was used as often, and he dropped the ‘C’ bomb early in the show. From then on it was a fully forced energetic and pleasurable affair. The costumes were colourful and fitting – when they were wearing them. Wigs were high, long, short and thick. The acrobatic boys were naturally sculptured and very talented. Some of their dancing skills could be vastly improved, though.

Despite that, the show was entertaining. I laughed, I cheered, and I screamed my little head off when the best-looking boys started to undress. The louder the crowd cheered, the more they took off.  It was also a wholesome show, with Shivannah sharing the truths about the lack of support their community receives in terms of funding. “This is not reputable art”, he says of the Australian Councils reason for declining their numerous funding applications.

With a lack of funding from their government, they are still able to tour their show in Adelaide, Germany and London later this year.  Co-founder of Briefs, Dallas Dellaforce performed her last show with the group last night. It was a sad affair for Sivannah who cried when addressing the fact they would no longer be performing together. It was a good send-off at their last show for their Auckland tour.

The breakthrough with their visit to New Zealand just goes to show that this type of show is reputable art and is something people all over the world want to see more of.

For information about the boys check out their website,