Mexicans in NZ

Mexican couple, Alekz Garica and Citlali Marquez, share their experiences of living in New Zealand with student journalist Samuel O'Flaherty.
Citlali Marquez, 27, and Alekz Garcia, 26, on Ninety Mile Beach in 2014. Photo: Citlali Marquez

In the 2013 New Zealand Census, it was identified that there has been an increase in Mexicans moving to New Zealand.

The Mexican ethnic group in New Zealand consisted of 711 people as of March 5, 2013, with numbers rising every year since.

Alekz Garcia, 26, and Citlali Marquez, 27, now live in Auckland and are prime examples of foreigners enjoying and embracing the Kiwi culture.

Citali and Alekz’s transition to Kiwi life has been relatively easy. However, it has come with some challenges.

Listen to their interview below: