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‘Married at First Sight’: Till death do us part?

Arranged marriages were very common throughout the world, typically by parents and grandparents until the 18th century. However, this concept has been brought back to life with millions of people tuning into the hit reality show, Married at First Sight.

The show is a guilty pleasure as we follow four couples in an experiment after meeting at the altar for the first time. The couples are selected and matched by a neuro psychotherapist, a relationship expert and a psychologist. The relationship experts see, study and counsel the marriages through their honeymoon, home visits and when they move in together. At the end of the experiment, the couples must decide whether to call it quits or stay married.

The couples on the TV show have now experienced what it would be like to be married to one another. While the experiment seems to be working for some, it hasn’t for others. We see the couples go through their first awkward interactions together which then, sometimes, evolves into something special.

'Married at First Sight'- Erin and Bryce.
‘Married at First Sight’- Erin and Bryce. Photo: Supplied

Bryce and new wife Erin seem to share the best marriage compared to the rest of the cast. They complement each other; their opposite personalities seem to attract. They understand each other and the age difference between them appears to have helped in some way. Bryce is gentle, relaxed and quite attentive towards his Erin. His love for his partner became clear when she first walked down the aisle oozing nervousness, sporting hives and blaspheming under her breath. These two seem to be very fond of one another and certainly have a good chance at making their relationship work.

'Married at First Sight'- Simone and Xavier.
‘Married at First Sight’- Simone and Xavier. Photo: Supplied

Genetically blessed Simone and Xavier seem to be a match made in heaven with their instant chemistry seen at their ceremony.

During this week’s episode, the couple shared intimate moments while opening up to one another about their past relationships and how they have both sadly been cheated on. The couple fits the honeymoon mould by wearing matching robes, eating fish and chips on the beach and working out together. However, there has been a little tension living together as they are both super fussy and into their own routines. If Simone’s only concern is that Xavier watches too much television than I think they might see this marriage through.

'Married at First Sight'- Clare and Jono
‘Married at First Sight’- Clare and Jono. Photo: Supplied

Clare and Jono’s relationship seems to be the most honest and friendly. Clare certainly wasn’t what Jono was expecting to walk down the aisle, even dropping a breathy F-bomb when he first laid eyes on her.

Jono tends to go for petite, long-haired women and Clare is a voluptuous blonde with a strong personality. Despite their first hesitation, Jono said that Clare made him laugh and that she was easy to talk too.

Like Simone and Xavier, coming home to reality and learning of each other daily habits hasn’t been easy. On a date where they kayaked in a lake with crocodiles, Jono’s fears got the best of him. Clare used her assertive nature and positivity to give Jono advice and calm him. Clare seemed to aggravate Jono and their horns began to lock. Whether this dynamic duo will last the test of time or not is hard to say.

'Married at First SIght'- Mark and Christie.
‘Married at First Sight’- Mark and Christie. Photo: Supplied

It’s difficult to predict if Christie and Mark will stay together too. They have struggled with intimacy and attraction right from the get-go, particularly Christie who felt no first physical attraction to Mark. Christie was sold on Marks sense of humour and empathy for her when she felt sea-sick on their ship wedding.

In the last episode, the couple had an intimate dinner on the beach but struggled to make conversation. Mark then appeared disappointed by Christie’s distance as she built a pillow fort in the middle of their shared bed, ‘The Great Wall of Christie’. Mark believes there is something there with Christie and definitely worth pursuing. Christie was initially hesitant about her pairing with Mark, as she previously felt no chemistry with him. However the duo later enjoyed their first kiss in the pool, and Christie removed the pillow fortress from their bed. There are definitely signs of progression in this relationship and they clearly both want to give it a decent crack.

'Married at First Sight' Season 1- Zoe and Alex. Photo: Supplied
‘Married at First Sight’ Season 1 – Zoe and Alex. Photo: Supplied

The only couple to survive the first season of Australia’s Married at First Sight is Alex Garner and Zoe Hendrix. The pair married during last year’s show and are still together. Alex and Zoe are now planning on starting a family. Although the three other couples didn’t last, Alex and Zoe are a testament to Married at First Sight. The controversial show can indeed produce couples that can live happily ever after.

Married at First Sight Australia Season 2, Episode 4, is on at 7.30 pm on Wednesday, May 5, on TV 3.

Samuel O'Flaherty
Samuel O'Flaherty is a Radio Journalism student at the New Zealand Radio Training School. A Cantabrian now living in Auckland, Samuel's main interest is entertainment news.
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