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Do you care enough to be a cop?

Do you care enough to be a cop? That’s the question New Zealand Police is asking as part of its latest recruitment campaign.

NZ Police has released two videos of social experiments filmed in busy Auckland suburbs.

The first video released was filmed in New Market and showed a young boy sifting through a rubbish bin.

The child, who is an actor, is made to look dirty and hungry as he eats food out of a bin. The majority of passers-by walk right past him, a few even brushing him aside while they put their rubbish in the same bin.

This video has since been viewed over 490,000 times and shared 3,600 times through the NZ police’s Facebook page. They said that they recorded the scene for 35 minutes and 10 out of 500 people that walked by stopped to see if the boy was okay.

Some of the comments on Facebook:

“Why the hell are we spending so much money to change the flag when we could use it to help the kids of New Zealand. These kids are our future,” wrote one.

“OMG these people are so caught up in their own world. Congrats to the wonderful people who actually did something,” wrote another.

One user thought the social experiments would end up having a “the boy who cried wolf” effect. “These social experiments need to be stopped. Where [sic] undermining these situations and soon no-one will believe it’s an emergency when this kind of situation actually accurs [sic].”

The second video was filmed on Karangahape Road and showed a middle-aged man in pain lying on the footpath in a foetal position.

Police Deputy Chief Executive of public affairs Karen Jones said, “if you would have stopped to help, then you may be just the kind of person police are looking for.”

NZ Police is aiming to recruit about 400 new cops this year. Jones said the campaign will mainly be promoted online and is aimed at people aged 18-29, in particular, Maori, Pasifika, Chinese, Indian, Latin American, African and Middle Eastern people, in an effort to represent the communities police serve.

“Some of the responses are thought-provoking, some quite moving,” Jones said.

Video: Collapsed man – “Do you care enough to be a cop?”

Shoko Kurata
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