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Naked celebs in Kanye’s ‘Famous’ video

Kanye West. The man likes to cause a bit of controversy, and his latest video clip is no exception.

In an attempt to re-create Vincent Desiderio’s famous artwork “sleep”, Kanye’s video features a line of A-List celebrities sleeping naked in an elongated bed.

Celebs such as Taylor Swift, Kim Kardashian, Amber Rose, Donald Trump, Bill Cosby and Rihanna.

Of course, these aren’t the actual superstars themselves. Sources have said Taylor Swift is “livid” and “horrified” about appearing in the clip.

Other celebs have also commented, and this is a summary of why or why not a chosen few would even consider featuring naked in Kanye West’s video clip.

Taylor Swift


Let’s go back to the start. Kanye ruined any hope of friendship with Taylor when he interrupted and dissed her during her acceptance speech during the 2009 VMAs. Since then the pair has continued to feud.

Not to mentioned Taylor Swifts ‘good girl’ reputation. Nothing screams ‘fallen angel’ more than a video of you naked in bed with Kanye.

Kim Kardashian


Ok. This is just a case of ‘state the obvious’, but I vote yes. Kim would feature naked in Kanye’s video.

A) Kim and Kanye are married.
B) Have you seen his video for Bound 2?
C) Kim has made a sex-tape (with Ray-Jay, who also features naked in the bed?!?).

Donald Trump


Not an image anyone needed to see.

Fake tan and bleached mop aside… This is too far, even for Donald Trump!!

Despite all the things he’s already done in an attempt to claim the throne in the White House, I don’t think he’s stupid enough to reveal what’s underneath his political attire.



What’d you expect? For Rihanna to care? Of course not. She doesn’t go by the name ‘Badgalriri’ for no reason.

And she has no problem with people seeing her nude. Remember her see-through dress at the 2014 CFDA fashion awards? Or her video for Needed Me? (also naked)

Rihanna has a reputation much different to that of Taylor Swift. Not to mention her and Kanye are good friends, she does feature in the song after all.

According to a source, it seems her only issue with the video Is that they didn’t get the shape of ex-boyfriend Chris Browns body right!

Kanye has selected this bunch of celebs purely to turn heads. It is called ‘Famous’ after all. I think it’s safe to say Kanye didn’t care whether or not the celebs would be happy to feature, nor did Kanye have any qualms with the possible repercussions.

He is Kanye after all.

Finlay Robertson
Finlay is a 20-year-old music lover from Wellington who has recently made the decision to take on Auckland City and pursue her dreams. Her passion for writing and broadcast has led to her studies at the NZ Radio Training School.
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