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Questions we have after the ‘Game of Thrones’ season 6 finale

The Game Of Thrones Season 6 finale went out with a bang (literally).

In typical Game of Thrones fashion, there were a lot of shocks, twists, A LOT of deaths and questions that need answering.

And once again, we are left with an entire year to ponder over them.

When the hell will the White Walkers attack?

Ned Stark called a warning in the very first episode that winter is coming, and it’s taking its sweet time. Six seasons in and the Walkers haven’t reached the wall, not to mention Westeros. It seems pretty obvious that the invasion should take place in Season 7, but with the other billion storylines, we may be waiting until the last couple of episodes.

Which lucky sod gets to kill off Cersei?

She’s lasted a long time being the most hated woman of the seven kingdoms, and her time is up. So who will bump off Cersei?

We’re all aware of Arya’s list, and most of the people on that list have been killed off already but not Cersei… Not yet.

Daenerys Targaryen fits the prophecy description of a “younger, more beautiful queen” to cast Cersei down. Part of the prophecy has already come true, with Cersei outliving her three children, perhaps this will too.

But let’s not forget her lover brother, Jaime Lannister, who killed the Mad King Aerys to stop him blowing up King’s Landing with wildfire. Will he do the same to Cersei now that she has already blown up a part of the city with the same thing?

What’s going to happen to Jon Snow?

Jon Snow. The name given to a bastard son and until now we all believed Jon was Ned’s. So far he’s been Commander of the Night’s Watch, murdered by his own men, revived by the magic of the Lorde of Light and named King in the North. But what will Jon do when he learns the truth of his identity? That he is the son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark (Daenerys’ older brother and Ned Starks sister) making him the rightful heir to the Targaryen throne.

Many are theorising he and Dany will team up and with the Targaryen’s incestual history, it wouldn’t be too surprising for them to marry and slay the army of the dead with her dragons.

How will Bran cope with his new role?

Bran has been a pretty hasty time-traveller. It’s because he allowed the Night King to burn his mark onto him that the Three-Eyed Raven passed away as well as the Children of the Forest. He seems to think people can hear him during time-travel, and it’s possible he might try telling someone from the past something… only for it to go wrong.

And Sansa?

The end of the episode saw the North victorious and united behind Jon Snow. But we also saw Sansa and Littlefingers final expression, which weren’t so happy.
Littlefinger has been putting thoughts into Sansa’s head out of pure selfish intentions, but will she ruin the peace in the North? It wouldn’t be surprising for her to fall into Littlefingers trap and if she does mess things up, he will most likely have something to do with it.

Will the Wall come down?

And if it does, how? The wall crashing down could make a pretty epic finale shot.

Theories are spinning that perhaps now that Bran has the mark of the Night King on his arm, he could accidentally bring it down when passing through… Another idea is that the old warhorn found by Sam Tarly in the ‘Fist of the First Men’ along with spear and arrowheads made of dragon glass could bring the wall down. The last we saw of Sam was him in the Citadel Library – which probably has this information… but it’s pretty damn certain that Sam wouldn’t want the wall demolished, so who would?

Let the pondering continue. We have a year to do it.

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