Film competition continues despite delays

The 48 Hour Film Festival logo for 2016. Photo: Supplied

The 48Hour film festival has the green light to continue later this year, after fears that the competition would not go ahead due to sponsorship issues.

Event organiser Anthony Timpson earlier wrote a Facebook post, saying that the competition had lost its major sponsor, the energy drink “V”.

48Hours also lost its partnership with the Rialto Channel when the contract expired. They had not renewed as the company was shifting its focus.

48Hours organiser updated their fans with positive news.
The 48Hours organiser updated fans with positive news.

Timpson said: “[48Hours] is such a beast now that there is a certain budgetary requirement. I would hate to have to scale it down or alter the competition to make it work, so we are holding out.

“We have been talking to a lot of people, but no one is locked in. The traditional ways of backing something have changed over the last few years. It is not as easy to get across the line.”

Mr Timpson would later write an announcement on July 1, announcing a “long-term” sponsorship deal with HP Software.

The competition has been running since 2004 and was considered as an event to showcase New Zealand’s writing, shooting and editing talent. The aim is to complete a short film (between one and seven minutes long) within 48 hours while following certain rules.

2015’s 48Hours Winner

The event’s popularity has risen since it started, and many thousands of people have participated in the competition. According to Peter Jackson, it is the pinnacle film competition in New Zealand. Each year’s winner gets an opportunity to help create a film with Jackson and also claim a cash prize.

Mr Timpson also mentioned that the competition will be going ahead from September 16 – 18.

Price details:

– Early-bird registration, 10am, Friday, July 1 – July 30 $185
– General registration, 10am, August 1 – September 12 – $225

For more information about the competition, head over to the official website at

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