Opinion: Is Trump really imploding?

Has Trump's controversial campaign run out of steam? Photo: Wikimedia

If you type the words Donald Trump into a search engine, the results will end up the same. Nearly every headline outlines the fact Trump’s latest statement or political gaffe has gone too far this time, and that he is on the verge of losing every last supporter he has.

These headlines seem to imply that the Trump team has shifted to a new campaign-ending paradigm, one that is infinitely different and more crazed than any they have employed before.

When you look at the campaign in context, are Trump’s recent charges that Obama is responsible for creating ISIS really such a far cry from the charges laid out in his announcement speech?

During this speech he labelled Mexican immigrants as “rapists and murderers” and he then went on to comfortably win the Republican nomination.

His personal attacks on the DNC convention speaker Khizr Khan, the father of a slain Iraqi war veteran, can similarly be compared to the attacks he made on Senator John McCain about his war record earlier in the campaign.

The fact that Trump’s poll numbers are now tanking is more likely due to voter fatigue with the campaign than the fact it is suddenly imploding due to Trump’s latest antics.

At first, Trump’s politically incorrect statements and anti-establishment rhetoric were seen as a breath of fresh air amongst disillusioned voters who felt disenfranchised by their parties and political leaders.

But as the weeks and months have passed, with an almost daily onslaught of gaffes and controversial comments from the Trump campaign, perhaps his political capital has finally hit the wall?

It would certainly seem that Trump is preparing his ego for the worst. Trump commented last week that the election will be rigged in favour of Clinton. He also remarked during an interview with CNBC this week that he is looking forward to a very, very, nice vacation if he loses. This would appear to point to the fact that Trump knows he is in trouble this time.

With any other candidate, the headlines heralding his demise might be true, as no candidate has ever won at this late stage from the position he currently occupies within the polls.

While it is not looking good for Trump, he is certainly no ordinary candidate, and may well prove the pundits wrong again in November.

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