13 Food Places to try in Central Auckland


Great meals you can try in Central Auckland.

Queen Street has great places where you can enjoy food on a low budget. Queen Street is a place where you will find heaps of food chains.

Dumpling Box, Elliott Street

Chicken dumplings by Dumpling box
Chicken dumplings by Dumpling box

This Dumpling kiosk is situated in Elliott street, right in front of Wilson open car park. I would highly recommend you try their hot and fresh authentic dumplings. They are the cheapest and yummiest dumplings I have ever had. They also serve crepes, rice dishes and soups.

Kebabs on Queen

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Kebab on Rice by Kebabs On Queen. Photo: Nashi Dasgupta

Kebab on rice or a kebab wrap, you can choose from either a wrap or kebabs on rice meal just for $5. They serve delicious kebabs from chicken, beef or lamb and with that you can choose any three salads and your choice of sauces.

BBQ Duck Cafe, Queen Street

At BBQ Deck Restaurant Photo: Nashi Dasgupta

Authentic Chinese food and famous for duck roasts. Between Monday and Thursday, you can try out any two meat on rice or noodles for only $13.50. They serve delicious Peking ducks and noodles too. Quality and taste.

Istanbul Shawarma & Pizza, Queen St

Garlic & Herb pizza
Garlic & Herb pizza

This is a new Turkish pizza restaurant. They serve fresh Turkish pizza, rice dishes, low carb salads, delicious chicken drumsticks (fried chicken) and Turkish delights, like baklavas. Food is tasty and the price is cheap. They have a nice sitting area as well.

Toro Churro, Queen St

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Churros at Queen Street. Photo: Nashi Dasgupta

They serve churros in a cone holder or in a tray holder with your choice of sauce. Apart from the classic churros, you can also enjoy churros with fillings inside, like caramel sauce, chocolate sauce or white chocolate. They serve three long churros for $5 or six for $8. A complete sweet treat.

Shamiana Indian Cuisine

Chickpea Curry Photo: Nashi Dasgupta

This is a famous New Zeland brand which has been serving Indian food for many years. Try out the vegetarian Indian chickPea curry wit rice or Naan Bread for $7. Butter chicken is very famous. They also serve any curry, rice and naan bread for just $13.50.

Carls Jr. Queen St

CarlsJr. Meal Photo: Nashi Dasgupta

Burger, fries and a Coke at Carls Jr. for just $5. The Junior Burger meal is great to try,Choose a Chicken/Fish junior burger with a junior size Fries and Drink.

Yogoberry Waffle Cafe,Wellesley St East,CBD

Mocha with Waffles @YogoberryNZ. Photo: Nashi Dasgupta

Yogoberry Waffle Cafe sells yummy Waffles with different toppings.The Best deal is the $5 one where they serve a large waffle with cream,Nutella and maple syrup with any choice of Coffee.

Al’s Deli,Queen St-

image3 (1)
Snickers Donut Photo: Nashi Dasgupta

Snickers Donut you love chocolate. This doughnut is a heavily loaded doughnut, it comes with a caramel injection that you have to inject. Mouthwatering layers of dough, chocolate, snickers, nuts and caramel in one bite! It costs $6 but it is worth trying.

Serious Hippo Wheel cake, Near Auckland Central Library

Custard Buns Photo: Nashi Dasgupta

Try yummy Japanese Custard filled Pancakes for $5 at QueenStreet just opposite Auckland Central Library. A Food truck sells these Japanese filled pancakes like custard filled, chicken filled, chocolate filled or red bean filled buns.

Nice Dumplings,Wellesley Street East


Nice Dumplings sells pork, chicken steamed or pan fried dumplings – 10 pieces for $6. They also sell buns and soup. Very tasty and good quantity at a reasonable price.

Atrium Food Court at Elliot Street 

Japanese food at Atrium food court
Japanese food at Atrium food court

This is a busy Asian food court with a variety of cuisines to choose at great prices. They serve fresh food and service is fast. You have counters like Japanese, Vietnamese, Thai, Chinese, Indonesian, Indian, etc. Best to visit during lunch time.

Yoghurt Story at Civic Centre  


This is a self-service frozen yoghurt place, where you can choose your choice of frozen yoghurt along with toppings, sauces, and fresh fruits. The minimum weight of a cup is $2.30.