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This is what people want to know how to do according to Google.

When typing in the words “how to” in the google search tab these were the most popular searches;

*How to be single
*How to play Pokémon Go
*How to draw
*How to make pancakes
*How to tie a tie

At first when reading the top search of How to Be Single I was concerned. Why? Because it’s not hard to be single and it shouldn’t require googling. It’s not rocket science, you just do it.

Then I clicked on it, and it was not a literal search on how to be single, but a search for the movie How to Be Single. I went from concerned to 100% on board.

If you haven’t heard, how to be single is a pretty decent movie with a lot of room for laughter. It has a 3-star rating on, but let’s be honest the critics are pretty damn harsh. Basically  If you’re into quality cheese entertainment this will do you right and I recommend you join the rest of the ‘googlers’ and search it too.

Next on the list was ‘how to play Pokémon Go.’

As invested as I was in the game at first I’m quite surprised people still care enough. But I understand this google search.

Lucky for me, I had two flatmates who had already learnt the ropes in the game and they were my sensei’s.
If it weren’t for them though, I would’ve been straight on that google search.

However, after clicking on the “beginners guide to Pokémon Go” I took one look at the novel and could not be assed reading any of that, and I’m guessing you won’t either.  So I’ve decided to help those of you reading who don’t know how to play the game already.

Step one: open it
Step two: go for a walk
Step three: tap on a Pokémon
Step four: swipe your finger up
BOOM. You’ve caught a Charmander you lucky bean.

And if you want to battle then you’re on your own soldier, I wouldn’t have a clue.

The line was most probably crossed with the third most popular search, how to draw.


Grab a pencil and a piece of paper then draw on the paper with your pencil.
(If you’re brave you can use a pen, but it’s a lot riskier as you can’t erase that)

Finally, a search that resonates with me, how to make pancakes.

If you aren’t Buddy Valastro (which let’s be honest, you’re not), you probably need a recipe. If you don’t own the Edmonds baking book, you probably need google to find that recipe.

And an archive of recipes will come up for you to choose from. Why not go through them all, a new pancake recipe every day could be fun…

Now that I’ve made you hungry, go google a recipe and make your pancakes.

The last thing (no not in the entire google history, just on my list) that people want to know how to do according to google is how to tie a tie.

It’s a truly complicated task that requires, patience, a bit of skill and a tie (probably a neck too).

I’m not the least bit surprised this is a common google search, because no matter how many times your dad tells you how to tie a tie it’s almost impossible to remember.

Thankfully we have google.

Without google, most of us probably wouldn’t know how to do… really… anything.

Finlay Robertson
Finlay is a 20-year-old music lover from Wellington who has recently made the decision to take on Auckland City and pursue her dreams. Her passion for writing and broadcast has led to her studies at the NZ Radio Training School.
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