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Review: The Secret Lives of Pets

Max, a sanguine, eager to please little fella who has a great life with his owner, meets his big furry fluffball nemesis, Duke – a large, unruly fella who throws his ordered world into turmoil.

The start is as you would expect for a movie, normal –  and even rather pedestrian. As each pet is introduced and given context, so is their normalness, their insecurities and territory awareness.

The two main characters of the PIXAR movie The Secret Lives of Pets couldn’t be more different. They fall out with each other immediately, find a common purpose, and then fall-in together with an adventure of a lifetime, bigger than both of them.

A city-wide chase ensues – the plot thickens and nothing goes to plan. Their alter-egos, fears and cunning are expressed, villains and heroes change sides more you than keep up with.

The movie has some great one-liners and well-known character expressions. Even the evil guys can turn good.

Does the good-guy win, and do the the hapless owners know any different in The Secret Lives of Pets?

Go, see and enjoy a classic PIXAR movie.

I rate this movie 7/10.

Watch The Secret Lives of Pets movie trailer below:

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