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What not to wear this Halloween

2016 has gone in the flash of an eye, and here we are, fourteen days out from Halloween, probably the biggest night of the year for parties and dress up.

Like every other Halloween, there’s an unwritten competition between you and all your mates to have the best costume at the party, and there are obvious choices that everyone will dress as and each one of those people will think they’re witty and so original.

Breaking it down this year is far too easy when you think about 2016 what comes to mind?

Here’s my top Four:


I had a conversation with my flatmate last night about Halloween costumes, and this was his idea: A gorilla mask and a plastic baby prop.

Harambe the Gorilla had to be one of the biggest meme’s of 2016, deriving from the breaking news when a baby fell into his enclosure and Harambe was shot for the kid’s safety.

And this caused a lot of debate. Animal lovers were all “shoot the baby, it wasn’t Harambe’s fault, the shooter should be prosecuted” while others were like “what was the mother doing to let her child fall in there?” and the other 99% of us were either making meme’s or laughing at them.

The biggest meme that came from this tragic story was none other than the “Bunnings sausage sizzle for Harambe”.

Get ready to see a lot of Gorilla’s with plastic babies this Halloween.


because people think they’re funny.

Killa Clowns began in America where sick adults would dress as the once beloved characters and lure children into secluded places. Word got around and New Zealand quickly got on board.

I can tell you what, I was terrified to walk in the dark for about a week after finding out and Kiwis were dressing in vibrant colours and painting their faces white, walking around the dark corners of the streets and scaring children.

Videos went viral online, and a group of boys thought it would be a great idea to troll New Zealand by staging the whole thing and uploading it.

The best thing to come from the Killa Clowns is a video that one man uploaded online, where he got a beer bottle out of his grocery bag and chased the clown blocking his pathway. The clown ran away faster than Usain Bolt.

Moral of the story is there will be a lot of clowns lurking this Halloween, and it’s the dumbest costume ever.


Halloween culture has shifted, and our costumes tend to be a bit of a joke, and Donald Trump is a joke at best.

Seriously, have we ever had a presidential candidate with more controversial headlines than Mr. Donald Trump? No.
The election has been everywhere we turn, and Donald Trump has received more attention in the media than Hillary Clinton. Why? Because he’s done and said more stupid stuff.

A few quotes from Mr. Trump would be “grab ‘em by the pussy”, “I would bomb the hell out of those fields” and “you can never be too greedy”.

His appearance makes him an easy target for Halloween, a yellow wig, an orange tan and a suit, alongside his buffoon-like qualities.

People love to hate him and would happily mock him through Halloween dress up.


Suicide Squad made a name for itself before even being released.
It was one of the biggest movie releases of the year and surely the most hyped.

Post release, the biggest applaud for the film went to actress Margot Robbie and her part playing ‘Harley Quinn’, The Jokers Lover and Side Kick.

As soon as girls had seen Harley Quinn, they wanted to dress up as her and costumes were everywhere.

I don’t expect Halloween will be any different.


Finlay Robertson
Finlay is a 20-year-old music lover from Wellington who has recently made the decision to take on Auckland City and pursue her dreams. Her passion for writing and broadcast has led to her studies at the NZ Radio Training School.
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