Is this Auckland’s most haunted house?

Could Carlile House be home to more than just rats? Photo: Wikimedia

Halloween is fast approaching, a time where tales of hauntings and all things supernatural leap to the forefront of our national psyche for at least a week or two.

With this in mind, Auckland residents need to look no further than the fabled Carlile House in Richmond Rd, Ponsonby, to satisfy their spooky desires.

Touted as the most haunted house in Auckland, the run-down, eerie looking property is surrounded by fences and barbed wire to keep out would-be ghost hunters. Although this doesn’t stop local paranormal enthusiasts and thrill seekers who still manage to stealthily make their way in for late night ghost hunts.

Self-proclaimed ghostbuster Brodie Sarjeant recently made one of these late night excursions to the derelict building hoping to catch evidence of otherworldly happenings for himself.

He explained: “As soon as you step into the building it feels like you are being watched, we heard voices from other rooms that didn’t come from anyone we were with, and even managed to catch some of the audio.”

Built in 1886 it was originally known as The Costley Training Institution for Orphans and many urban legends exist about the tragic events which took place there, legends which have helped cement its reputation as Auckland’s most haunted house.

The most well known of these is that there was a fire in 1912 which tragically killed 43 of the young boys who resided in the house, leaving their tortured souls to forever wander the halls of the abandoned building.

Although the truth is less romantic than fiction in the case of Carlile House, as there was no fire in 1912 and the building went on to be used by various groups after the dissolution of the boys’ home. Most recently it was used for emergency housing by the Salvation Army up until the 1970’s where it has since been disused and fallen into disrepair.

Undoubtedly people will have died within Carlile House during it’s long and varied history.

This fact, coupled with the decaying facades and creepy surrounds, are sure to keep it in the forefront of local ghost stories for many more years to come.

Check out Brodie Sarjeant’s video from Carlile House which may have caught a ghostly voice emanating from downstairs.

Warning: Contains swearing

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