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Review: HTC ONE M9

To be or not to be, that is the question. The HTC One M9 does so much more than just ‘be’.

As a piece of inanimate consumerist technology, it expresses, as much as technology can, an ease of use that can only be described as excellent.

From the first touch, it conveys an expectation of performance way above the familiar. It starts at the highest level, synergy.

For a phone on the smaller end of the scale with a 5” screen, it is delicately weighted to be reassuringly comfortable, but not a ‘brick’. The screen does not give away the secret of its potential to impress with ease. This is through the Work/Home/Out screen options that reconfigure at a touch, then completely reconfigures to a requested mode on request. Great for blokes getting their work headspace on, then transitioning back to homespace.

The camera is a complete and unmitigated success. With six rather different functions to get it off the starting blocks, the only thing it won’t do is make a cup of tea.

Even just opening up the camera/video function, it just gets it right. The 32GB system with Octa-processing capacity means everything works super slick and super-sharp thanks to the 20.7mp main camera. It’s able assistant, the second camera does not slack off at 5mp processing. This is then processed across to a cool reference platform that not only shows the first frame of clips taken but also plays them from the different frames.

They have matched the video with great sound, calling on the Dolby technology to give a ‘BoomSound’ sound experience from such infinitesimally small speakers, it delivers a surprisingly full rich sound for its size, and in stereo too, with the two matched front speakers.

The case itself is a robust aluminium case, which is very sharp-looking. I would always use it with the protective cover though; a smashed screen doesn’t help with good use.

The button placement is quite strange, with the SIM card and Micro SD card both accessed on the outside opposite edges, requiring a supplied metal pin to dislodge them. Very workable, though. The volume switch seems to have been made for right-handers too, and the start button in right underneath them.

Extras: I have the custom cover that is made for it, it activates an ease of use aspect called HTC DOT View that I have not seen before. When the cover is over the phone, the phones goes super-stealth with information, only showing the time and trending news info through the DOT holes in the cover, which is very cool.

Overall, the HTC One M9 is an excellent mobile phone.


  • Octa-core Qualcomm 810 chipset
  • 3GB of RAM
  • 2840 mAh fixed battery
  • The screen is a 5″ 1080p Super LCD display covered in Gorilla Glass
  • The resolution is 1080p with QHD resolution
  • Metallic chassis
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