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Vox Pop: Who should pay on a first date?

On a first date, should the guy or the girl foot the bill? This is a question that couples have been debating over for years and a particular episode of the new TV Show First Dates New Zealand has sparked up this debate amongst viewers.

In this unique dating show, the couples, who are complete strangers share a meal as discreet cameras are placed throughout the special First Dates restaurant record every detail of the date from start to finish.

In the episode mentioned above, a female deliberately didn’t bring her wallet as she expected her male date to pay for their evening out. This wasn’t well received by her date as he thought it was “sexist.”

NZ Radio Training School journalism student Rebecca Scheib took to the streets to find out people’s opinions on who should pay on a first date?

Rebecca Scheib
Rebecca's analyzing and overthinking nature used to get the best of her imagination but at the NZ Radio Training School she intends to harness it to challenge the boundaries of others' imaginings.
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