Opinion: Why reading is like having a holiday in your head

Summer reading. Take time to chill-out, learn and focus. Photo: WRSD

A small rural South Canterbury school in Waihao Downs is bucking the trend of reading and getting real results for children and parents alike. They are showing children the excitement of holiday reading, including children with dyslexia.

When was the last time you read, absorbed and ‘dived’ into a really fun and absorbing ‘summer read’ book regardless of its topic, either on your own or with your children? From Dr. Seuss, a child’s favourite to read which is fun, makes you laugh and lifting your spirits, through to Jeffery Archer being gripping and the edge of seat suspense, all on paper.

It is a skill that once learned, impacts on whole a range of different situations and environments; it can be exciting and life changing. As the Waihao school is showing their students, reading is one of the greatest fun skills you can have.

Be transported by any type of reading you like, but all you need is the willingness to learn, learning to consider life from another perspective, its intent, its context, it’s expression, no matter how base, or inspired.

How do you discover the freedom to be transported mentally and emotionally to anywhere you want, transported to any time frame, transported to any mindset, situation and culture? You read.

With this in mind, more schools are bringing a fresh awareness of how reading brings understanding to us. As we become aware of the freedom in reading, and how to enjoy it, the freedom to just have fun reading, can include summer reading.

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