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Catnip, Caffeine & Cuddles

In the heart of Auckland CBD, there lies a magical place where you can escape the masses and forget all the worries of the world.

BaristaCats Cafe is home to 14 gorgeous felines that rely entirely on your attention and cuddles.

The exclusive clique of rescue cats reside at 95 Queen Street, where anyone over the age of 10 can politely invade their space and dismiss all responsibilities for an hour long session. A small fee of $15 is all it takes to mingle with these sweethearts, which also includes a hot beverage that may or may not be eyed up by one of the cheekier kitties.

It’s every cat’s paradise here – an abundance of colourful toys, scratching poles stretching from floor to ceiling, loving human affection, fluff gracing every inch of furniture…

BaristaCats Cafe offers a plethora of kitty climbing frames and comfortable hideaways. Photo: Wikimedia

I had the pleasure of spending a bit too much time with these little guys, who’ve come from such awful conditions to a serene environment where they can sleep and play safely. Though some of these fur babies are deaf, blind or jumpy, I found that they were all willing to display their affection in different ways – which makes BaristaCats very unique in that sense.

The staff were wonderful and made me feel right at home instantly, even introducing each and every cat to me upon arrival! All of their special features and disabilities were made very clear and the house rules were pretty straight forward.

I feel that the popularity of cafes such as BaristaCats will always remain rather high, considering that the temptation of sipping coffee while petting numerous friendly cats at the same time can never be resisted.

You can show your support for these brave felines by paying them a visit, or alternatively donate to the partner organisations that help keep this safe haven and it’s occupants running smoothly.

Claudia Cranch
Claudia is a young, budding journalist that can be found working at the NZ Radio Training School in Auckland.
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