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Never come between a kid and their candy

Halloween has just passed and one of the highlights of the holiday is talk show host, Jimmy Kimmel’s annual candy prank.

Every year he inspires parents across America to lie to their kids and make them cry, basically for our humour.

This will be the sixth consecutive year Kimmel has aired the hilarious results of his ‘I Told My Kids I Ate All Their Halloween Candy’ video challenge.

All you have to do is film your child/children after they’ve endured the mountainous task of door-to-door trick or treating and announce regretfully that you’ve gone and scoffed up all their candy. And then wait for their reaction.

Once again, there were tears and tantrums and a few explicit words and punches thrown. But what I love to see are the kiddies that rise above and are quick to forgive and forget.

Also for the first time, Kimmel got involved in his own creation and tried the prank on his 2-year-old daughter.

Funny and heartwarming as usual, check out the videos below.

Shoko Kurata
Shoko is an Osaka-born Kiwi aspiring to become New Zealand's very own Oprah. Your average Jane, she loves anything to do with music, sports, reading and writing. She loves a good old debate on controversial topics because she always comes out on top. A student at Whitireia, she hopes to graduate with her diploma in Radio Journalism.
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