Rakeiuekaha Tata Te Pou Oranga and Maori youth (+Audio)


Rakeiuekaha (Drew) Tata is the owner and founder of Te Pou Oranga, a company dedicated to mentoring troubled Maori youth.

The company, which was established in May, aims to change youths’ lives for the better and guide them towards a positive future.

Drew has a degree in indigenous studies, majoring in policy and business from Te Whare Wānanga O Awanuiārangi. He previously worked for the Maori Health Board in Tauranga, educating Maori about how to live healthier lives and supporting them to quit poor lifestyle choices for themselves and their children.

He now works in connection with Child Youth and Family. He also works hard to break the negative stereotypes that Maori are surrounded with so that future generations don’t have to struggle with it as much as his generation has.

Student journalist Shoko Kurata interviews Drew Tata about his work: 

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