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Bollywood actor Sidharth Malhotra visits NZ

Popular Bollywood actor Sidharth Malhotra was last year named New Zealand Tourism’s Ambassador for India, and he is now visiting the country.

Malhotra had filmed videos highlighting New Zealand’s spectacular scenery, amazing packed activities and cultural experiences that incorporated into Tourism New Zealand’s campaign work in India.

He is very much the man of the hour in India, where he has a social media following of more than 4.3 million. He is a model and actor and promotes many known brands in India too.

Over the last week, he visited Christchurch, Canterbury, Rotorua and will be visiting Waiheke Island and other places in the North.

He is known to love adventures and sports. He posted pictures via Instagram showing all the adventures he did in New Zealand.

He wishes to continue his amazing experience and help promote tourism back home in India for New Zealand.

Asked about his love affair with New Zealand, he said: “Like to me being here today is bringing two worlds together which is say Bollywood and cricket, which is the most popular sports or popular craze which we have back home…”

He believes that New Zealand not only has great food places and scenic beauty but also he said that the people here are very warm and friendly.

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