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Food Space NZ

Food Space in Auckland is a group of the country’s best food vendors, dishing up delicious experiences from trucks, tents, caravans and carts in the city each week.

Food Space is your destination for mobile food in Auckland city. You can discover new vendors, find out the next location of your favourite vendor and keep up with the appetising world of mobile food.

Food Space happens every week round the year at different locations in Auckland. From all day events tonight food stalls, it has been attracting people to come and relish some of the best food in Auckland.

What’s great about Food Space is that the food is affordable and tasty.

Some of the famous food trucks include Double-Dutch Fries, Toro Churro, House of Dumplings, Banger Boys, Got Pasta, Berry Yummy, Go Go Mexico, Lalele Organic, Fritz’s Wiener, Yummy Thai, etc.

These vendors go to the city’s famous events and assemble there. In December Food Space will be held at Silo Park where you can enjoy the beautiful summer with food and the waterfront.

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