North Korea launches missile test

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un risks drawing the ire of the US with their latest missile test. Photo: Wikicommons

North Korea has launched a ballistic missile test over the Sea of Japan.

According to information released by South Korea’s Joint Chief of Staff, the missile was launched from an area in the west of North Korea, eventually landing in the sea off the east coast of the Korean peninsula.

An official statement by a Pentagon official also confirmed the missile launch.

“We can confirm that we did detect a missile launch from North Korea,” the official said. “We are assessing and will have more information soon.”

The test is believed to be a display of defiance against the tough rhetoric used by President Donald Trump since he took office in January.

Trump is currently hosting the Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe at his resort in Mar-a-Lago and declined to answer questions about North Korea’s actions when quizzed by journalists during a photo opportunity.

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