VIDEO: Lorde Teases New Material in Auckland

Fans wait patiently for new material from Lorde. Photo: Alan Kenyon

After releasing a cryptic TV advert on Monday night, Lorde is at it again.

This time the Kiwi singer posted a map on Twitter featuring locations in downtown Auckland where she would be releasing further glimpses of her upcoming project.

Shortly before 9:30 pm the heavens opened, but that did little to dissuade the dozens of loyal fans who showed up to the Mayoral Drive location, eager to catch even the tiniest piece of new material from their pop icon.

When the deadline arrived a massive green light was projected onto the side of a brick building and three short musical vignettes were looped displaying various blurry scenes, possibly from a new music video.

After each clip, the dates which Lorde had previously teased in the TV advert, “2.3.17 NYC” and “3.3.17 NZ” were again displayed, this time followed by the words “Green light”.

While the stunt did little to whet the gathered fans’ appetite for new music, the brief tease left everyone eager for more.

Luckily they only have to wait until Friday for the next big reveal.

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