The Charm of K’Road

K' Road shops on a wet Auckland day. Photo: Nashi Dasgupta

Karangahape Road (more commonly referred to as K’road) is one of Auckland’s oldest streets.

Where: It’s located near upper Queen Street in the main CBD of Auckland. 

Why is it unique? I find it charming for its old Gothic shops, pubs, graffiti wall paintings and the nightlife. You can still see the signs of its past as a red light district, with a number of strip clubs, bars, and adult stores lining the street.

Street and its architecture: As I walk down the street I see it has preserved the old buildings. Some arcades and buildings still have the old carvings on them. Every time I walk through the shops it feels like stepping back in time.  Also, there are different public sculptures throughout the street.

Shops: I find the shops very charming because usually, you won’t find this kind of stuff everywhere. There are a number of shops selling ancient paintings, old jewelry, hand-crafted furnishings, old records, books, sheesha, antiques and second-hand stores. I get the aroma of scented candles and oils at vintage clothing stores. There are also adult stores with attractive displays and lightings.

I find the ambiance here very lively and vibrant because you get to hear rock music emanating from bars, while at the same time you can hear live performances by guitarists on the streets.

Bars and restaurants: There is a fusion of cuisines with a number of bars, restaurants, and Asian food courts.

A gallery of photos of Auckland’s iconic K’Road.

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