Adult life abdication encouraged in London bar

Finally, we can have child-like fun again – without feeling stupid. Photo: courtesy of Three Eyed Deer

I was saying to my wife on the weekend how we both want for the simplicity of childhood again, especially on hump days.

A bar in London has finally done it, and it’s not x-rated. An entertaining environment full of nostalgia, where you can throw caution to the wind and take a whole day and evening off from obligations if you dare.

The popular bar at Stoke Newington has done all of that, and more.

Two whole floors called BallieBallerson are dedicated to all things carefree.

During the week, from 7.00 pm until midnight, is every adult-child playground you could wish for. It boasts an underground club complete with an indoor ball-pit boasting 250,000 clear balls lit up by an LED dance floor, with DJ’s spinning funk and ragged house music and from 6pm a guilty pleasures cocktail experience, John Travolta would have been impressed!

For the drinks, Heston Blumenthal would have been right at home with the Neptune, based on charcoal and liquid nitrogen. Beware of the Uranus, it’s undrinkable until you’ve guzzled the Miracle Berry pill on hand.

They start the weekend on Friday too with hours to suit from 6pm to 2am, and for a real week-end kicker, Saturday and Sunday from midday to 2am, can you handle bottomless brunches with never ending procecco and punch, spaghetti and meat balls?

Gallery: Photos of people letting loose.

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