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Flight Check: Auckland to Kuala Lumpur

Student journalist Nashi Dasgupta flys from Auckland to New Delhi via Kuala Lumpur on Malaysia Airlines. 

The Plane Airbus A330-300 MH0132

Duration:10hr 50 minutes

My Seat: Business Class, second seat in the middle row.  It was a comfortable seat with good leg space and a fully reclinable seat. It was great sleeping at night, felt as if you are on your bed.

Fellow passengers: Business delegates and a few Malaysian families. The flight was full as I flew during the busy vacation season.

Service: Cabin crew were very friendly and accommodating.

Food:  Excellent dinner and breakfast. You get a menu card to choose from. For starters, I was served a signature dish, chicken or lamb satay kebabs on a skewer with Peanut sauce which I have to say was very tasty. For the appetizer, there was Garlic bread, salads and salami with your choice of drinks.

My meal was pre-booked as a Hindu meal, so for the main course, I was served butter chicken with cumin rice and a scone. If you don’t pre-book then you get a menu card to choose from and for the dessert, I had chocolate brownie with walnut and strawberry. So far, this meal was one of the best I have ever had on board.

Entertainment: Definitely in business class, I found they have a wide range of movies and shows to choose from in comparison to economy class. I watched a few Bollywood movies which were recent releases. I usually don’t watch much, but because it was a long flight and there were some movies I had wanted to watch, I enjoyed them while having dinner.

Airport Experience: The airlines give you free access to their partner lounge at Auckland airport and Golden Lounge by Malaysia Airlines at Kuala Lumpur international airport if traveling by business class. The lounge has a nice buffet, wifi, massage and sleeping room. Golden lounge made my next 11 hour stop over at Kuala Lumpur Airport very comfortable before boarding for New Delhi. The staff was very courteous and helpful.

Would I fly this again? Yes, going to India is a long way and this flight made the journey very comfortable and relaxing. Business Class is not always cheap but 48 hours before I would suggest trying your luck for an upgrade as it was really great. You do pay a bit more but it is worth it!




Nashi Dasgupta
Food, fashion and a travel enthusiast. Taurean, sweet, creative. Loves photography. Pink is her favoruite colour. Loves Instagraming! From India, she is currently living in Auckland, and studies at the NZ Radio Training School.
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