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Event Review: ANTARTICA While you were sleeping

Last Saturday, March 25, the Auckland Museum was lit up as part of an incredible cinematic collision of nature and architecture in a world first by new media visual artist Joseph Michael.

That night as the sun set over the Domain, he turned the Museum’s iconic building into a canvas for a full-scale 360-degree projection of a majestic Antarctic iceberg.

Kiwi visual artist Joseph Michael collaborated with composer Rhian Sheehan for the project and together they created an immersive multi-sensory installation that translates the scale and awe of Antarctica.

During the show, you could hear the ice crack, drip, creak and groan as sections of ice fall off, all set to Sheehan’s dramatic score.

At 45 minutes in length, the show was a little on the long side becoming a bit stagnant around the 20-minute mark and leading the kids in attendance (mine included) to start whining.

Overall the show was a captivating aural and visual experience, but judging by the crowds it could have been shorter to cater for people’s attention spans these days.

Judith Carba
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