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Review: The Wonders of Wellington

Being the prized daughter of a long term flight attendant, I’ve certainly had my fair share of perks over the years. I’d boarded too many planes and seen way too many iconic sights overseas by the time I’d reached double digits. Not being able to remember some of these experiences is rather disheartening, but I do frequently apologise to my parents for my lack of memory and their slight waste of money over the years.

I was lucky enough to spend last weekend in Wellington visiting my best friend. Even though my travel experiences overseas are impressive, before then I had only flown within the country once over 10 years ago. This was the first time I had flown without my family as well, which made the experience a bit different as well. Navigating new airports and baring long queues with other grumpy passengers is rather difficult to handle when you don’t have anybody beside you to silently complain to, but I survived.

Even after spending just two nights in Wellington, I could potentially see myself living there. The beautiful green hills with houses randomly scattered in between the trees really struck a chord in me – minus thinking about the bugs that could be lurking in there.

The flat CBD was certainly a selling point for me as well, as I’m all too used to walking around Auckland City and being out of breath within the first few seconds. The people I met and the friends I made all appeared to relate to me easily, whilst being super friendly and bubbly.

Evening views from Wellington’s Cube. Photo: Claudia Cranch

Wellington’s infamous Cuba Street was definitely a highlight of my trip: with several vintage clothing stores, plenty of quirky art installations and a couple of shops selling seemingly endless amounts of records, I instantly felt right at home. Although I am a student, which usually comes with being slightly broke, I couldn’t quite afford my most wanted desires.

The view from my friend’s gorgeous house in the Ngaio hills was honestly breathtaking. I was subtly giggled at multiple times for being spotted with my jaw hanging whilst standing in front of a window. I wouldn’t even be able to explain how almost the entire city looked spread out right in front of me, and I definitely couldn’t express how I felt watching the sunsets put on such an enticing show each evening.

The hills of Ngaio in all their glory. Photo: Claudia Cranch

Even though the weather was less than desirable, nothing cheered me up more than the selection of food around the CBD. I had my fair share of sushi and Thai food and was always left feeling content afterwards. The service was always super commendable and staff actually made me smile! That was definitely a high note for me.

Seamlessly blending into the Wellington culture and having an overwhelming sense of comfort no matter where I went made my trip that much more wonderful. The city and its people are beautiful and I personally can’t wait until I get the opportunity to head right back on down there.

Claudia Cranch
Claudia is a young, budding journalist that can be found working at the NZ Radio Training School in Auckland.
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