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Preview: 13 story tree-house grows bigger

Children have crazy imaginations. So two regular Aussie guys who haven’t grown up yet either, like most of us guys – especially daddies – have taken these crazy imaginings and put them into a book!

They called it the only thing they could for escapist minded children, a Treehouse, an ever-expanding multi-floored treehouse too. Written by Andy Griffiths, and illustrated by Terry Denton.

My daughter Hannah (8 3/4 yrs) introduced me to this book series, and I’m very impressed. The writing style catapulted her reading levels through the roof. And now it’s a stage show too, at the Bruce Mason Centre in Takapuna.

As an Australian writer (I won’t hold that against him) he has certainly grabbed children’s attention, and more importantly held it and grown it. Andy, if I may be so informal, is a prolific writer, with 28 books under his belt so far over three threads, ‘Treehouse’, ‘Just’ and ‘The day my bum went psycho’. They have been customised for stage and TV, and earnt him 50 Australian children’s choice awards.

All because Andy understands that the laws of physics, cause-and-effect and parental concerns don’t feature in the wonderfully wild mind of children – of all ages.

When you consider some of the floors on this ‘wild-ride’ treehouse, there’s the chainsaw throwing floor, including the scattered arms and legs – and blood of course, baby dinosaur petting zoo and high-tech office,  The trans-warp floor which spits you out into a world ruled by vegetables, and of course Andy and Terry’s companions, like the insufferable and grumpy Mr.Big Nose.

Read the books? Right, the 13 Story Treehouse has been brought to life by playwright Richard Tulloch at the Bruce Mason Centre in Takapuna between Tues 18 and Sat 22 April.

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