Monday, August 2, 2021
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Video: Victory for the people of Whanganui

It’s been a long and hard-fought battle for the people of Whanganui, but after 140 years their treasured river has finally been recognised as a legal person – a first for any culture in the world.

Te Tai Hauāuru MP Adrian Rurawhe told Radio New Zealand that some people might find the concept strange, but it was completely normal for Māori.

“The river as a whole is absolutely important to the people who are from the river and live on the river,” Rurawhe told Radio New Zealand.

The people of Whanganui have the whakatauki (proverb): ‘E rere kau mai te awanui, mai i te kahui maunga ki Tangaroa, ko au te awa, ko te awa ko au’ – which translated means, ‘As the river flows from the mountain to the sea, I am the river and the river is me.’

Victory For The People Of Whanganui from NZRTS on Vimeo.

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