Cyclone Debbie aims for North Queensland

Cyclone Debbie bearing down on Queensland’s East Coast, gearing up to be an aggressive category 4. Photo: Supplied

There are strong winds, and then there are cyclones – Australian cyclones.

Australia knows this better than most. There are few places that have been hammered as much, except the USA’s dairy plains. Queensland’s East coast (Hamilton Islands area) is getting ready to be hammered at this time.

Cyclone Debbie is currently 5 Kilometers per hour off a level 5 graded cyclone. The Australian Bureau of Meteorology rated Cyclone Debbie as “severe”, meaning that at its core it is whipping up a frenzied 250 kilometer per hour winds, possibly up to 275 kilometers per hour.

With Cyclone Debbie gearing up to ravage the upper East Coast, authorities are expecting significant damage along the built-up areas across the coastline along Hamilton Islands area and inland.

The level 4 nature of the cyclone means homeowners and authorities are expecting major damage to properties, crops, businesses and anything not securely tethered down will be considered lost. Rainfall is anticipated at 400mm, so flash flooding in low-lying areas is inevitable.

The sheer ferocity of this is akin to being in a fighter plane without a cockpit canopy. The last time a Cyclone of this intensity came through was Feb 2015 with Marcia, category 2 through to 5, and Jan – Feb 2011 with Yasi, category 5. With major widespread damage.

News report: Courtesy of SKY NEWS

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