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Review: Scentsy-ational Products and Fragrances

Ever since the beginning of time, people (including myself) have tried to cover up, mask or overpower stinky smells. And if we’re honest, which we are, we’ve tried them all right? Incense sticks, potpourri, aerosol sprays, scented candles and oil burners. And yet none of them seem to last the distance, really.

Incense sticks left a trail of ash. Potpourri, is well, just NO! Aerosol sprays kill the Ozone layer. Scented candles die off after a while, and oil burners are so unsafe if left unattended.

And so like many others before me, I was sick and tired of throwing money away and smelling the same old thing again and again. I wanted, no I needed, something that would not only last a long time but that would also look could in my décor.

That’s when I discovered Scentsy. Scentsy is a great range of products including warmers and fragrant waxes that use an electric warmer to gently warm aromatic waxes. The warmer and the waxes are made by Scentsy themselves in both America and China, but the best bit is that the warmer does just that, warm.

They don’t overheat. They don’t burn the wax, and they are safe enough to be used and left on around kids and pets. This is because the warmers are designed to heat up to no more than human body temperature, 37 degrees. It will never get hotter, and it will never be a fire risk. And once the wax is melted in the warming dish on a Scentsy warmer, you can even place your finger in the warming dish with no danger of getting burned.

I’ve got a Black Zebra warmer (see photo below) on my desk at work and I use it daily, much to the delight of my co-workers who always comment on how to love my office and workspace smell. There are over 80 different Scentsy fragrant waxes available, and for me, some of these fragrances remind me of childhood or life moments.

Take, for example, a couple of my favourite fragrant waxes. First up, Vanilla Bean Buttercream. The smell of this fragrant wax reminds of how the original Swiss Maid Caramel flavoured Dairy Food used to taste and smell. This is turn brings back memories of a summer holiday hanging at my grandparents Bach in Wairoa and going surfing for the very first (we ate the dairy food for energy).

My second favourite wax would have to be one of the latest fragrant wax releases, Pineapple Lolly. Now if you’re a true blue Kiwi kid (or adult) sometime in your life you’ve had a Tip Top FruJu ice block. Well if you loved the taste of those as a kid, then just imagine being able to fill your home with that lush, fruity, tropical fragrance. Amazing.

But just take my word for it, I reckon you should go along and check out all the beautiful warmers, fragrant waxes and other cool, awesome stuff which you can find at www.whanganuiscents.scentsy.co.nz.

Small in stature but big when it comes to warming wax

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