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Takapuna Flea Market

Takapuna is a well-known part of the North Shore, home of the famous Takapuna Beach.

The town oozes with lively energy and modern charm. And one of the factors that add to Takapuna’s popularity is the flea market that’s held every Sunday morning, located just behind Hoyts Cinema. The flea market is spread all across the car park.

The market has many stalls selling a wide range of goods. These items range from fresh flowers to stylish clothes or homemade goodies, to classic board games.

Each week brings something new and different so you’ll always be interested in coming back.

Generally, soft music will be play in the background accompanied with indistinct chatter.
Whether it is classic from the 80s or an angelic busker voice or a musician pouring his soul into his instrument. There will usually be a catchy beat that fills your ears as you browse.

As well as having a wide range of things to choose from, what’s for sale tends to be cheaper than the high street shops. There will probably be the sizzle of a BBQ. The scent of the meat and faint smoke will tickle your nostrils, although the BBQ isn’t there every week.

Takapuna flea market is a great place for anyone. There will most likely be something for everyone. So be sure to check it out on a Sunday morning and you will be hooked just like my family and me.

Judith Carba
Kia Ora. Passionate wannabe entertainment writer. Loves retail therapy, food and fashion. Motherhood 101, hailing from Cebu, Philippines but living my life with my young family to the fullest in the city of sails.
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