Vox Pop: Pro-Life Presence on Dominion Rd

40 Days for Life group stand opposite Auckland Medical Aid Centre on Dominion Rd. Image: 40 Days for Life

For 40 days and nights, a Catholic pro-life group has been making a stand on Dominion Rd, and it has sparked a variety of responses.

Coordinated by Family Life International (F.L.I), 40 Days for Life is a prayer vigil that runs in the 40 days leading up to Easter.

40 Days for Life oraganiser Michael Loretz says it’s an “outreach to vulnerable women in an effort to end the tragedy of abortion in our community.”

This is the fourth year that the vigil has taken place in Auckland and it has always happened across the road from the Auckland Medical Aid Centre (A.M.A.C).

General Manager of A.M.A.C Lesley Wood feels that the vigil is “futile & unchristian”.

In the 12 hours spent opposite the clinic daily, the group are met with both support and objection by passers-by.

Newsbeat journalist Rebecca Scheib seeks the general view of how this group has been received by store workers in the area:

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